Baby's first year

Yay baby is finally here! If your mind is racing towards the pile of paperwork that needs to be done instead of focusing on bonding with your baby, then you're in the right place as I can help. 


Look at the range of services I can offer below to take away the burden of wondering what needs to be done and filling in pages of application forms. I can also help by looking for the right pediatrician for you in your district or assist by arranging and translating at appointments for your father declaration if not done yet.


My post-partum services are available in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg only and are aimed at caring for the mother in the post-partum period by lending an ear to your story and offering practical support such as meals or errands or walking with the little one while you shower or sleep.


Elterngeld Services

Elterngeld is an income replacement benefit parents can claim when reducing their working hours to take care of their baby. Let us find out together if you are entitled and how to claim...

Kindergeld Services

Kindergeld is the child benefit parents can claim when living and / or working in Germany. Would you like help to apply?

Post-partum doula  (Berlin only)

As a post-partum doula I am here to mother the mother after birth, providing comfort and care in your home and helping mother and child to focus on themselves for the first few weeks after birth.

Father declaration and custody rights agreement

Unmarried parents can go through father declaration and custody rights agreement to recognize the father of the child and share the custody rights between the parents. I can help you in this endeavor after the birth if it hasn't been done yet.