Community work

For many, society is a three-tiered system: the government, businesses and the people. Communities of all shapes and sizes are often forgotten in this vision of our society, from the organized sport association with a president and treasurer to the self-managed neighborhood watch. Yet they offer in my mind a great opportunity to connect people to their core values and purpose, as well as enrich the lives of many citizens with offerings outside of the world of consumerism.


In my life, I strive to support various communities by giving them my time, attention or money. Here are a few examples that I hope may inspire you to also engage in your communities, whatever they may be.

Kitanelle Coccinelle

In September of 2011 I was desperately looking for a daycare center (Kita) in Berlin which would accept my then 9-months old son. Soon thereafter I decided to take the matter into my own hands and founded the Kitanelle Coccinelle, a French-german Kindergarten in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg.


Since then, more than 100 children from over 80 families have been visiting the Kita and we offer stable employment to 8 members of staff.


As a "gemeinnützigen Verein" (non-profit association), the Kita does not belong to me but to the parent's association who self-manage it. It has become a pillar of the French-speaking community in Berlin and a project I am immensely proud of.


Ecocitoyennes is a citizen's initiative that I founded in the spring of 2020. Its goal is to share concise and powerful knowledge about our individual environmental footprint as well as offer precise and high-impact solutions to reduce that footprint.


The project is growing and the next step right now is to raise enough funding to increase our visibility and reach, as well as offer hands-on practical workshops which will allow every citizen to develop sustainable skills.


The project values are: inclusion, joy, empathy and neutrality. If you wish to be kept informed of our next workshops, join us here:

Les Nouvelles Voix - Les indépendantes de Berlin

Ce groupe rassemble les femmes freelance et entrepreneuses francophones de Berlin. 


Nous nous retrouvons régulièrement pour partager nos compétences et nos contacts. Les dates des ateliers thématiques, organisés par et pour les Nouvelles Voix, sont relayées sur la plateforme Ce groupe nous permet de créer de nouvelles connexions, sur une base de partage de connaissances et d’expérience, de soutien, de motivation et d’inspiration.


Cette communauté, qui s’articule autour du networking, repose sur la bienveillance, le respect et l’intégrité. Si cela vous parle et que vous souhaitez en faire partie: Rejoignez-nous ici!

Réseau des professionnels francophones de la périnatalité

Ce réseau regroupe tous les professionnels de la périnatalité à Berlin et vise à partager nos contacts et nos contacts, afin d'offrir une expérience optimale à chacun/e de nos client/es et patient/es.


Le réseau regroupe: gynécologues, sage-femmes, ostéopathes, psychologues et psychothérapeutes, doulas, professeurs de yoga / pilates, photographes, etc. Nous organisons des rencontres tous les trimestres afin de parler des projets des un/es et des autres et d'aborder une thématique spécifique.


Si vous souhaitez nous rejoindre, c'est par ici: elodie @