for Expecting parents

There is a lot to think about when you're pregnant, even more so when you're a foreign country (and maybe don't speak the language as well as you would like). What do I need to take care of when pregnant in Germany? When do I have to get it done? are frequent questions asked by my clients. From explaining you your options of where to give birth to finding a pediatrician, as well as assisting in filling in your benefits application, I have developed a range of services to take this stress off your mind.

Organize your pregnancy and birth

"I'm pregnant, where do I start? What needs to be done and when?" Let us organize your pregnancy and your birth step by step...

Elterngeld Services

Elterngeld is an income replacement benefit parents can claim when reducing their working hours to take care of their baby. Let us find out together if you are entitled and how to claim...

Kindergeld Services

Kindergeld is the child benefit parents can claim when living and / or working in Germany. Would you like help to apply?

Father declaration and custody rights agreement

Unmarried parents can go through father declaration and custody rights agreement to recognize the father of the child and share the custody rights between the parents. I can help you in this endeavor...

Find me a midwife

Getting pregnant and having a baby requires to gather a little team of experts to help in this adventure. If you don't have time or the nerves to go through this search, I can assist you in putting together your dream team.

Post-partum doula  (Berlin only)

As a post-partum doula I am here to mother the mother after birth, providing comfort and care in your home and helping mother and child to focus on themselves for the first few weeks after birth.